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LOMGroup worked for Agaoglu Construction

in Istanbul at Atasehir and Ayazma residentials projects


For Agaoglu Group, Istanbul, by LOM Construction


 40 Years

 in Construction    (Video)

The last 40 years of deep-rooted past..

LOMGroup’s Leading Holding Company is: LOM Mining & Construction Ltd.

It stewards and maintains all LOMGroup’s shares in tens of companies and controls

LOMGroup’s shareholdings. Not last but least, it is also a great construction and mining company. 

The real upcoming of LOMGroup with a world project was in 1991 as the group has built in JV the Ankara Sheraton Hotel

- 29 regular floors (with windows) as well as a some service floors at the top.

- Ankara's tallest skyscraper since 1991, is designed like a "wine bottle", being located right next to the city's famous Kavaklidere Vine- yards.

- The tower took an important part in the city's skyline with its excellent proportions and aesthetical values, which make it an exemplary landmark. 

LOM Constr S

The initials of the surface construction of LOMGroup goes actually back to 1930s. Our grandfathers have co-built the first modern military hospital of Turkey as sub=constructors for legendery business man Vehbi Koc, the founder of the biggest conglomerat of Turkey (The construction began by order of Atatürk in 1937 but due distortions of WWII the opening was much later in 1945). The buıldıng still serves as offıce of the rector of Ankara Unıversity.

Rising on sound foundations for 40 years, LOM Construction is steadily growing up by spreading its successful services with the awareness that each investment represents the fond heritage and our people, and, by this means, LOM Construction has an efficient role in the development of the LOMGroup in whole and it makes important contributions in our social and economic development and prosperity. LOM Construction in conscious mind of the critical role it has taken in the construction sector, acts in the establishment and development of the infrastructure of ever-developing LOMGroup businesses and, thus, to reaching a better life for all of us.

With the eligibility of being a genuine actor of the sector worldwide, it continuously renews its technology and extends its know-how in order to provide optimum solutions for the changing dynamics. Learning, researching, developing, getting renewed and putting this knowledge in practice in the optimum conditions are among the main targets of LOM Construction...

LOM Construction in the World   

LOM Construction carries out construction and mining projects on all sides of Turkey. Not limiting its field of activity with Turkey, LOM Construction also draws a sound and stable graph and comes forward as a successful, reliable and worldwide preferred brand.

LOM Construction which maintains activities on a large geography from Libya to Azerbaijan, Uganda, South-Africa, New Zealand, Canada and Haiti ensures easy access for its services through foreign offices located in Baku/Azerbaijan, Libya/Tripoli, Uganda/ Kampala, Algeria/Alger, Saudi Arabia/Al-Khobar, Russia/Moscow and Kuwait/South Al Mutlaa and extends its area of influence throughout the world.

LOM Construction Mining Contracting Ltd. undertakes many projects in a large range such as highway, road, bridge, viaduct, railway, metro, high-speed train, tunnel, port, dam, modern irrigation systems, purification systems, water transfer lines, flood protection structures, industrial complexes, repair and maintenance workshops, pipeline constructions, mass housing, hotel, hospital, office buildings and military facilities, building- house projects, energy, communication and transport projects.

Requiring varied expertise and experience in construction sector, these services are also supported with the works of affiliated companies of the group. Group companies continue their works by combining their abilities in realizing many projects in different fields with notion of effectiveness and quality, and create difference in both their own sectors and construction sector with these features.

Our National and International Standards

LOM Construction maintains its all works in accordance with the national and international quality, environment and safety regulations. Each phase of these works is supervised by not only company officials but independent institutions. These supervisions carried out with a systematic and continuous monitoring are maintained in line with the irrevocable policies of the company in "environment, health and safety" issues.

LOM Construction has a characteristic of being the first company in the construction sector that has obtained "ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System", "ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System" and "OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational  Health and Safety Management System" certificates at the same time. NATO Security Clearance Certificate, Unlimited Contracting Certificate and Overseas Contracting Certificate are among the exclusive certificates obtained by LOM Construction.

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