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As first movers in mining and metals business, we are producers of materials essential to every persons modern life.

Iron, copper, antimony, chromite, industrial minerals, coal and precious metals: from microscopic circuit board components to the hull of a supertanker, all the materials make up the world around us.

We own and operate or let operate open pit and underground mines, mills, refineries, smelters and power stations, research and service facilities, to produce them, and use our railways, ports and ships to deliver them to our customers.

And all underpinned by an absolute commitment to safety – for our people, contractors, and the communities in which we operate – and to minimising our environmental impact.

LOMGroup has deep roots in mining sector, going back to 1890s. The owner family then started to explore and exploit its first mining business in collaboration with Her Majesty's Honourable East India Company (HEIC) to open first ever quarry of Antimony in Muratlı, Manisa Region (West-Turkey). Our short-name (LOM) is the very composition of the first letters of our written-out name Live Ores & Mines.

First antimony ore exploited by our founder in 1887 at Muratli Mountain in Küthya region, Aegean Cost and photographed by him.

We go with spirit for innovation

Our long history is filled with firsts. E.g. we’ve developed first of the world’s antimony guarries at all, and our people work several countries. We’ve led the industry in cooperations, with customers in new markets, and with societies of which we are a part . We’ve pioneered technological innovations, such as our LifeSORT™ enrichment line and our low-CO2 lignite powerplant. And we’ve paved the way in areas such as safety and legacy management.

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We produce ores and minerals - responsibly

Materials made out of our mines are among essentials to making modern life easy and ongoing. You’ll find them in smartphones, planes, cars, kichenware and throughout your home and, even most of NASA programs used our antimony for coating space shuttles. Our activities are incentives to have a world in prosperity.

We partner for essentials

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The strength of our partnerships – with our people, the communities we work with, the countries where we operate, our customers and suppliers – is what essentials are and makes progress possible.

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