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Vision with action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare.
Japanese Proverb

Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy

LOMGroup has the vision of being a regional leader in the constructor and project development sector by providing products and services beyond expectation.

Group companies share a set of core values based on integrity, understanding, excellence, creativity, unity and responsibility. These values, a part of the Group's beliefs and convictions since the very beginning, continue to guide and drive business decisions made by each company within LOMGroup.




Our mission is;
To be customer oriented at the highest level, define new horizons in existing lines,
To make the best of the technology,
To create difference with our creative manpower,
Always raise our market value by providing efficient and profitable service throughout the automotive value chain.




LOMGroup, measures the brand perception in the eye of all social shareholders by means of Corporate Identity and Prestige research and benefits from those datas while establishment of corporate communication strategies.


Let's Participate Let's Share, Let's Enjoy, Let's Take Ownership!


Let's Be Open, Let's Be Fair, Let's Be Courteous,

Let's Be Humble, Let's Be Honest!


Let's Imagine, Let's Be Agile, Let's Be Efficient,Let's Do It!


Let's Measure, Let's Compare, Let's Follow Up, Let's Be Sustainable!


Let's Learn Through, Curiosity, Let's Teach With, Enthusiasm,

Let's Change Bravely, Let's Progress!

Strategic goals

The general and long-term, medium-term, and short-term strategies of our company are based on the following goals:



  • As LOMGroup, achieving systematic, efficient and profi table expansion in its fi eld of activity, and growth in added value in every aspect of the value chain in Turkey and in international markets.

  • Ensuring career development of human resource for rapid and systematic evolution of this growth and its results.


  • Acquiring an insight into our stakeholders’ expectations, among which the customers are placed on top, and raise our relations to the perfect level beyond expectations as rapidly as possible.

  • Establishing effective systems that will enable LOMGroup to attain operational excellence in terms of effi ciency and profi tability and as such, closely monitoring and analyzing the fi nancial and operational status of the company.


  • Creating distinction and a competitive edge through constant innovations based on a participative approach to product development, customer service and business concept.

  • Developing actions and methods that will render the business in a “leaner, faster, cheaper” manner with participation and teamwork in process improvement.


LOMGroup, in line with its strategic plans, has emphasized since its inception to strengthen its position in the industry, to form and expand in its related shareholdings the Authorized Dealer and Service network and to increase international recognition as well as image of the brands it represents. The Company developed its strategy by focusing on both the development and performance of its core businesses Mining, Energy and Construction and related ancillary businesses, both from a local and global perspective.

Based on our Company’s sustainable and stable growth strategy in the growing industries composing our core businesses and in synergy with our employees and customers, we aim at being the fi rst institution that implements newly developed applications using innovation and technology. Accordingly, we see it as our prioritiy to work on new projects to continuously increase the quality of our core and core business-related ancillary businesses. Furthermore, based on the knowledge and experience we have gained over more than 20 years as well as the success we attained locally; by evaluating new opportunities we intend to expand our business activities abroad and especially from 2018 on in European markets.

Being aware that the long-term success of LOMGroup is sustainable through the high satisfaction of our shareholders, we built our strategy on four tenets.

One Step Beyond Customer Satisfaction: Turning Customers into Fans!

Though uncompromising customer satisfaction-oriented dynamic and attentive service approach, our strategy makes our customers feel they are valued and offers a high quality and creative service by showing attention at the highest level to all their demands and needs.


  • The Value and Care Centre (VCC) that supports our brands at every stage of the customer life cycle became operational in November 2014.

  • In the forthcoming period, we will work at being constantly connected and accessible for our customers through “Connectivity” and ensure the quick and creative solutions for their requests with each communication.

Achieving Excellence through Increase in Productivity!

LOMGroup’s companies, featuring the sales, service and spare parts services for 12 international brands through more than 400 customer touch points, intends to continue its activities optimum profitability.


  • Continuous measurement of quality standards, the identifi cation of improvable areas in our customer touch points, the capacity revisions of our Authorized Dealers, as well as making the required environmental and labor regulations to allow for a more productive corporate ecosystem are all targeted.

  • The personnel infrastructure will be reinforced as business volume in our Company increases and the effective usage of new technologies in providing service is incorporated.

  • Continuous investments shall be carried out for new branches of business and the Company’s development plans shall be reviewed.

Working for Leadership in the Construction Market!

Our company intends to maintain market leadership in the Construction industry and to optimize profitability in its operations.

  • LOMGroup intends to maintain its market share acquired in parallel to the increasing sales in the Construction industry.

The First Condition of Creating a Happy Customer is Happy Employees!

Our Company offering a common culture to several thousand valuable employees in consolidated companies, aside from the innovative and sustainable human resources practices, realizes projects that increase satisfaction.

  • Our company’s employer slogan “Together” gives the message of “we act together and leave our mark”

  • The “Development Program-Haydi” platform reinforces the internal social communication skills of employees and allows them to monitor their personal and professional development as well as their training.

  • Coaching and mentoring programs are implemented at our company  under the scope of “Talent Management”.

  • In accordance with the efforts of “Equality at Work” platform, coaching and mentoring training is provided to women at our Company, and they are offered with opportunities to get prepared for the next management level.

  • In order to make the corporate structure more efficient and to adopt the company culture more easily for consolidated companies’ employees are being organized continously different activities and gatherings.

We support our dealer network on human resources processes and customer satisfaction through the “Care Human Rights and Training” (CHRT) project.

See our strategic priorities for 2020

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