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Our Strength

Consequence of  lerning

  • LOMGroup companies have superior engineering and technical capabilities that can realize the projects requiring specialized expertise in the construction, shippbuilding, mining, material-production and contracting industry.

  • LOMGroup acknowledges as its primary objective the completion of effective and high-quality work in the shortest possible time. It transforms its experience in the construction field into innovative solutions.

  • LOMGroup develops new technologies that reduce time and costs saving earth resources without compromising quality and safety.

  • LOMGroup aims to complete projects with zero error or loss by effectively monitoring and controlling all processes within its areas of activity. The Group organizes the infrastructure accordingly so as to fulfill this objective.

  • While maintaining focus on its core activities in the construction and contracting industry, LOMGroup simultaneously applies a strong synergistic approach to all group companies to ensure it is consistently producing its best work.

  • The central theme of LOMGroup’s corporate culture is its people-orientation. Accordingly, LOMGroup:

> maintains ethical values,

> adopts a conscientious approach to health, safety and environmental issues,

> supports social, cultural, and community development.

  • LOMGroup believes that success lies within relationships based on mutual respect and trust. The Group encourages teamwork and the formation of teams that share and act with a common mindset.

  • LOMGroup Companies consistently find the most suitable solutions to perfectly fulfill the commitments made, using a proactive approach.

  • LOMGroup Companies undertake diversified investments included model projects.

All of these investment projects show remarkably successful trend by their “high productivity-high quality” character. The Group maintains its competence and highly prestigious company name and also its faithful representation in respect to authorities, financial institutes, business partners in constantly strengthening manner.

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