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For OKO Towers LOMGroup  designed, produced and applied the  Scaffoldings,  Formworks and Props

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Samples from over 120 project in 12 countries which has been either built solely by LOMGroup or participated as JV partner, or contributed to as material provider.
Completed Construction Projects: Project
Completed Construction Projects: Welcome
Construction OKO TOWERS Moscow.jpg
Hotel compl. proj.JPG


The Hotel, built by LOMGroup in partnership, with totally 55.000 m2 closed construction area, which was put into service on February 2014 at Aydınlı-Çamlıbel vicinity on E5-E6 connection road at Tuzla-Anatolian Side-İstanbul and operated by Radisson Blu. The hotel includes 249 rooms, a la cart restaurant, main restaurant, 2 bars, 2 multi-purpose halls, 8 meeting rooms, fitness area, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a garden of 9.000 m2 and a Spa/Fitness area of 4.000 m2. Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Istanbul taken into service on February 2014 is located at Tuzla which is a developing area of Anatolian Side of İstanbul and near Sabiha Gökçen Airport. The hotel has a closed area of totally 55.000 m2. With its 254 elegant rooms, meeting rooms located on 3.300 m2 area, luxury Spa centre of 4.000 m2 and restaurants and bars offering different tastes nd provides service both for business world and for airport visitors via its location near airport, Formula 1, Tuzla Shipyard, Tuzla and Gebze Organized Industry Zones, Pendik Marina and Tuzla City Center. 

Maritime dock kopl proj.JPG


Dry dock for Maritime, which is an affiliate of LOMGroup includes, a dry dock construction, a steel construction hall, a management building, a recreational facility, a dining hall, 2 mobile sheds, a warehouse, field concrete, a tower crane, and 2x200 tons gantry cranes. The dock is 240 m long, 42 m wide, with 80,640 qm volume, net 8 m of in-pool draft and 9.5 m wall height, The shipyard is able to provide maintenance and repair services to 35-45 ships per year. The dry dock is the second largest dry dock owned by a private company in Turkey in terms of its size and capabilities.

Yacht Marin comp proj.JPG


Construction works for marina in Izmir with 400 boat offshore location and 100 boat onshore location capacity, administrative buildings for yacht & sailing club, 3 sanitary, warehouse, customs building and fuel station, restaurants, boutique and shopping centre, tennis & volleyball courts, walking areas, outdoor concert area and SPA were performed under scope of the project. Creek rehabilitation and rustic bridge on the creek have also been completed within the mentioned area. 
Within the scope of the project, 5 floating piers of totally 524 m in length within yacht area of around 8.000 m2 were included, and an area about 10,500 m2 concreted on the rear side of the piers within the scope of the superstructure works where concrete park area covering 8.000 m2 were arranged for the maintenance and care during winter season. 
1 dock/pier with a length of 158 m and depth of 5 m
1 dock/pier with a length of 40 m and depth of 3 m
1 dock/pier with a length of 5m x 3 m and depth of 2 m
1 dock/pier with a length of 403 m and depth of 2 m
1 jetty with a length of 223 m
8.000 m2 yacht mooring area
The project is including all social and sports facilities, recreation areas and rehabilitation area and rustic bridge, construction was carried out within totally 18 months.

Housing Phantom Compl proj.JPG


This design/build project, includes completion of a comprehensive engineering design solution covering the 65%, 95% and final design, construction and provision of phased delivery of whole neighborhood improvements to 235 dwelling units (35,000 m of closed area) in the Phantom housing area of Incirlik AB. Improvements included general interior and exterior modernization, renovation, and conversion of some 2 bedroom units to 3 and 4 bedroom units through re-partitioning and increasing the interior spaces of the individual housing units. Design and upgrading of kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows, roof, floor and wall finishes, HVAC, electrical and fire protection systems, increased energy efficiency, exterior work, such as upgrading the patios, pavements, utility systems, and playground and recreation areas with landscaping were also included.


The A.N.A Regional Hospital, Herat, Afghanistan was funded by the U.S. Government and the employer was the U.S.A. Department of Defence. Within the scope of the project executed in accordance with the specifications of the U.S.A. Department of Defence, the construction and design of all civil, electrical and mechanical works of single-floor hospital building with a closed area of 2,500 m2 were carried out.

Ana Reg Hosp comp proj.JPG
adn sirport comp proj.JPG


Additional building to the main substation and generator building, 4 2,000 kVA generator and synchronization systems, metal clad switchgears of 36 kV and 6.3 kV to be mounted in the main building, installation of SCADA system for monitoring entire electric systems by fiber optic cabling that would provide the communication, continuous (uninterruptible) electric supply for the airport by installing the new metal clad switchgears after demounting the old switchgears of 6.3 kV in 29 substations and installation of MV cables were performed within the Project scope ın Izmir Airport.

hekimhan siderit comp proj.JPG


The purpose of the plant is to enhance grade of iron in low-grade siderite ore in nature, enrich the mineral and meet the need of integrated domestic and foreign iron & steel plants for raw material by increasing product quality. The plant has an operation period of 8,000 hours and a production capacity of 1,000,000 tons of Calcinated Siderite per year, with 1,516,000 tons of Siderite processed. The plant was built and put into operation by the turnkey delivery of mechanical and electrical assembly works (EPC) realized within a short period of 18 months.

ambassy build comp prj.JPG


The New US Embassy Compound (NEC) has been completed through design - build method, and the compound covers the new embassy building and its premises on a total construction area of 15,000 m2 as well as a storage area, entrance buildings and car parks, roads, environmental planning and landscaping works for the related facility

LNG storage comp proj.JPG


LNG Terminal with Floating LNG Storage and Gasification Ship (FSRU), which is provided by the Employer and continuously connected to the terminal so as to be a part of it, and all abovementioned infrastructure and systems equipped within the scope of terminal was taken into operation as a facility with a natural gas feeding capacity of nominal 14 million cubic meter per day to the country's natural gas network. 

1. Pier, platform and dolphin systems constructed on rock fill and riprap of totally 400.000 ton and foundation with 334 pcs piles,

2. The following elements equipped on pier, platform and dolphin systems:

    a. 2 Marine Loading Arms (MLA)

    b. 24'' high pressure pipeline and valve groups 

    c. Discharge line and discharge funnel

    d. Nitrogen and CO2 systems

    e. Emergency Shutdown and Discharge (ESD) systems

    f. 11 Quick Release Hooks (QRH) with 3x150 capacity 

    g. Connection tower for passage between FSRU and platform

    h. Infrastructure for electric, integrated control and security systems (ICSS)

    i. İnfrastructure for real time communication with FSRU

    j. İnfrastructure for real time communication with BOTAŞ

3. Within terminal area, 36'' by-pass line and valve groups, 1 pcs measurement station and 1 pcs pigging station

4. 36'' natural gas pipeline of totally 14.230 m in length between Terminal and BOTAŞ pipelines, valve groups and 2 pcs hot-tap connection to the current pipelines 

5. Administration building, security buildings, roads, 3 heliports, landscaping and all kind of relate infrastructure and security system within the terminal facility. 


This project was planned for purpose of receiving the contained loads in the region due to the capacity exceeded at İzmir Port, and building a port complex which will provide service on main container transportation lines passing across the Mediterranean. The Phase 1 tender for the container port involves the construction of a breakwater to ensure protection of the port. The total length of the breakwater is 1,501.93 m. The breakwater was designed as a composition of two different types of structures, as rock fill and piled jetty. The jetty of the rock fill is at a length of 480.45 m and the piled jetty is at a length of 1,021.48 m. A pier which will enable approach of supply boats to supply fuel for vessels is located in the inner part in shore. The deck on the piled section has a width of 16 m. Although the width in the rock fill section depends on conditions such as width, incline of slope, etc., it provides a link road at an average width of 7 m. Fuel pier is planned as a pier at an approximate length of 85 m in the inner part of the breakwater.

aladere dam.JPG


Aladereçam, Gökçebel and Yaşmaklı Dams exist within the scope of Akköy II Project. Generation of power will be realized at Akköy II Hydroelectric Power Plant. Aladereçam Dam is located at 1,843 m crest and 1,792 m talweg elevation on Karaovacik Brook. Water from Aladereçam Dam is diverted to Gökçebel Dam reservoir through a transmission tunnel having 4,077 m length and 3.20 m inner diameter. Furthermore, a hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity of 7 MW, utilizing 210 m head of water to be diverted to Gökçebel Dam reservoir from Aladereçam Dam, has been constructed in addition to the power generation at Akköy II HEPP. The power generation of that power plant will be 18.200.000 kWh. 
Gökçebel Dam is a rockfill dam at a height of 144 m, with a concrete face. Gökçebel Dam Reservoir is 94.78 million m3 water holding capacity. This dam is linked to Yaşmaklı Dam reservoir via a tunnel at a length of 6,650 m and an inner diameter of 4 m. Yaşmaklı Dam is a concrete gravity dam at a crest elevation of 1,630 m and a thalweg elevation of 1,530 m and a height of 100 m. The dam has a water-holding capacity of 17.68 million m3. Water is channeled from here to a surge tank via a tunnel at a length of 4,002 m and a diameter of 3.20 m, and from there to Akköy II Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is the adjacent structure to Akköy I Hydroelectric Power Plant via a penstock at a length of 3,424 m and a diameter of 2.70 m. The penstock is a unique structure with a drop head of 1,224 m. The power plant shall operate with two Pelton type turbines, and be completed with two vertical axis synchronous generators. 872.5 million kWh energy shall be generated in Akköy II.

al khadra lybia comp proj.JPG


The scope of the project in Libya consisted of the construction works for transmission line and distribution network line about 40 km length, trench, highway layered with hot bituminous mixture (HBM) as well as the stabilized road and channel construction. Key elements of the Project are as follows:
• Main transmission line construction including trench excavation, filling, CTP plumbing and testing works. The diameter and the quantities of CTP pipes are: Ø1.800 mm: 3,113 m, Ø1,300 mm: 3,010 m, Ø1,000 mm: 4,614 m, Ø800 mm: 3,662 m, Ø700 mm: 3,077 m, Ø600 mm: 805 m, Ø500 mm: 3,979 m, Ø450 mm: 5,291 mt, Ø400 mm: 1,771 m, Ø350 mm: 4,098 m, Ø300 mm: 6,006 m,
• The construction work for 7 m width & 35 km long hot bituminous mixture (HBM) and the procurement of the material.
• The construction work for 6 m wide & 57 km long stabilized road and the procurement of the necessary material.
• The Central Ranch Facility embracing office, worker & personnel dormitory, laundry, manager's dwelling, restaurant and kitchen, warehouse, workplace and security guard have been built on a total indoor area about 3,210.5 m2 and the construction work for 57 km long concrete channel and the procurement of the necessary material have been fulfilled.

harran irrig comp proj.JPG


The Project involving the construction of a main channel 86,569 m long as the first phase was undertaken by a Joint Venture. Construction works between km 0+00-86+569 included for 83,820 m length concrete lined trapezoidal channel with a capacity of 200 m3/s ; as well as totally 172,744 m long service road, 132 culvert, 31 bridge, 802 m long &5 m wide concrete culvert with 6 chambers, 1,133 m long & 5 m wide concrete culvert with 5 chambers, 619 m long & 5 m wide concrete culvert with 4 chambers, 10 relief construction, 10 drain socket, 25 socket on both sides of the channel within the scope of the project in which the main objective was the irrigation of the field covering 326,000 ha. Water coming from ATATURK Dam is transferred through the Urfa Tunnel to Mardin-Ceylanpınar plains by this main channel. 
The following works have been carried out during the realization/completion of the project: Excavation works of 24,700,000 m3, embankment works of 4,125,000 m3, concrete and reinforced concrete works of 980,000 m3, production of steel radial gate of 1650 tons.

yaprak reg comp proj.JPG


It is located downstream of Yalnızardıç Dam and HEPP. Regulated by Yalnızardıç Dam, Gevne Stream reaches from the water inlet structure to the surge tank by free-flow through 2,600 m tunnel and 1,220 m long closed conduit, passing through turbines of Yaprak HEPP at a power of 3x1,45 MW + 4,93 MW with 45 m head and converted to energy. The voltage of the energy generated is amplified to 154 kV on the switchyard serving Yalnızardıç HEPP at a distance of 6,800 m to the power plant and is connected to Alanya 2- Daren Energy Transmission Line. Yaprak HEPP generates 29,300,000 KWh energy per year after Yalnızardıç Dam is commissioned.

azerbaijan water compl proj.JPG


The project is realized in scope of the 2nd National Water Supply and Waste Water Project of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main purpose of the project is to supply fresh and easily accessible water continuously to İsmailli Region, to collect the waste water in a safe manner in terms of environmental and human health, and recycle the waste water by treatment. For water supply system; a water intake structure composed of perforated pipes and caisson wells, 5 water tanks with a total capacity of 4.400 m3 will be built and a 190,25 km long HDPE pipe with ranging diameters between 110 mm and 800 mm will be laid for the water supply and mains system. Furthermore, a 151,74 km long DWP pipe with diameters ranging between 200 and 600 mm will be laid for the waste water system, and a sewage treatment plant will be built to serve for a population of 30.000 people. In addition, 6.000 fresh water connections and 5.600 waste water connections will be projected and built in scope of the project

Ankara Railway comp proj.JPG


The project includes infrastructure works for a 79 km long high speed railway line including tunnels, viaducts, bridges, structure and earth works. The works to be completed at the end within the scope of the project are as follows:
• Construction of 7 tunnels with a total length of 4.072 m and 617.179 m3 tunnel excavation
• Construction of 1 cut-and-cover tunnel with a length of 240 m
• Construction of 4 viaducts with a total length of 3.158 m. Viaduct works involve construction of 3 pcs, 2.315 m in total, with cast-in-place post-tensioning method and 1 pcs, 843 m, by
balanced cantilever method. The amount of viaduct concrete is 134.000 m3.
• Construction of 5 bridges.  • Construction of 8 overpasses • Construction of 45 underpasses  • Construction of 127 box culverts
• Construction of 15.823 reinforced earth wall • Excavation works of approximately 18.500.000 m3
• Filling works of approximately 5.650.000 m3 • Rock filling works of approximately 1.120.000 m3 
• Manufacture of cast-in-place bored pile of 33.000 m in 120 cm diameter
• Manufacture of cast-in-place bored pile of 1.780 m in 165 cm diameter • Manufacture of rock column of 83.500 m

Ankara High Speed T comp proj.JPG


The project, designed for the current commuter train, freight train and conventional train transportation services through High Speed Train operation, is planned to provide service for 20,000 passengers at the first stage and 50,000 passengers in near future on daily basis. The Train Station Building with a total floor area of 35,000 m2 is situated on a total area of 70,000 m2.
The Train Station Building has 6 floors in total, including 3 underground and 3 aboveground floors, and a total area of 172,985 m2 including ticket hall, platform floors, shopping areas, food court, office areas and the hotel floor. There are 3 platforms at a length of 450 m and a width of 11 m, and an indoor car park with a capacity of 1,480 cars. Implementation projects, civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic works, safety works, fixtures and furniture materials, project approvals and erections as per the project were executed in scope of the work. Ankara High Speed Train Station is connected to the current train station.


Tandoğan- Keçiören (M4) Metro consists of 9 stations as AKM, ASKI, Dışkapı, Meteoroloji, Belediye, Mecidiye, Kuyubaşı, Dutluk and Gazino. The total line length, which is composed of double track, is 9.220 m. For Line-1 and Line-2, excluding the station structures, the total NATM track length is 6,938 m, TBM track length is 7,964 m and cut-and-cover track length is 927 m. In the scope of the project, installation of 18.440 m direct fixed rails, works of 350,000 m3 reinforced concrete, 9.800 m infrastructure relocation, 880,000 m3 excavation were completed. Tandoğan-Keçiören (M4) Metro was taken into operation on 05.01.2017.

ankara metro comp proj.JPG
izmir cesme highway comp proj.JPG


Within the project scope, a section of 33 km was opened to traffic by making 1.815.000 m3 cut excavation and 1.260.000 m3 filling. Viaduct of totally 183,35 m with 6 spans was constructed at km 39+490. The platform width of the viaduct is 15 m. In the bridge, 66 pre-stressed simple beams with pile height of 15,46 m were used. 
The following productions were made within the project: 
• 15.800 m3 plain concrete • 20.290 m3 reinforced concrete • 495.000 ton PMAT and PMT superstructure
• 16.000 m3 masonry wall • 20,50 km guardrail • 85 box culverts and underpasses


With area 264.000 qm, and façade 124.790 qm (designed, produced, implemented 124.790 qm scaffoldings, formworks and props by LOMGroup) Europe’s second Highest Tower. 352 meters height, 49 storey office and 85 storey residence the tower is located in Moscow City. OKO - Residential Tower offers an elegant modern example of a residential high-rise. The excellent façade structure is hihly elevated as an integral part of a twin tower development that includes a smaller office building, and its design is responsive to its smaller twin. The façades of the two towers are articulated with crisp diagonal folds and linked by a faceted base, generating an arresting shard effect that defines the buildings’ appearance. The canted folds allow the towers to taper away from one another as they rise, creating a dialogue between their bold, simple forms.
The L-shaped placement of towers works in tandem with the façade folds to allow the building to cant over the major roadway infrastructure that abuts the property line. The building’s all-glass façade offers several amenities that benefit its occupants. Ventilated mullions can be opened manually to allow natural air flow into the interior. These mullions also help to mitigate stack effect. Along with their practical implications, such features create a dynamic, shifting exterior.
The elegance of OKO - Residential Tower is apparent by its façade reflection, and in every detail of it —from the clarity of its bold yet subtle forms, to the rich materials of its gracious exterieur spaces. It serves as a precedent for design par excellence.

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