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LOMGroup companies have  been prized and awarded many times in their history going back to 19th century. LOMGroups values awards which marks that we were good for society, for the environment and helped to ease the live through our contrubutions by introducing either new products or new services.

The most prominent awards of last 10 years are exempli gratia named below.

CEMEX Group's Rugby Ltd. - a discontinued share company of LOMGroup-. has been prized for its factory policy and contribution for development of UHPC products with The Process Award for Sustainable Development of European Union in 2004.

LOM Construction Mining Ltd., a 100% LOMGroup shareholding, has been prized with Australian Government's Mining Industry Award in 2010 for its product line independent mine and ore enrichment solutions LiveSORT(R) 

Emirates Sands Contracting Co. Ltd., - a LOMGroup associated company based in Dubai- won Taqdeer Avard of Dubai Government 2016 for termac concrete supplement. to Doha airport construction.

Download the brochure Flower Bag

Wrapping the flowers in a bag takes only three moves. It is available in three versions, made by plant materials only. LOM Group Services won 2014 with that organic product the best flower packaging prize of Turkey Florist Union.

TURKMAX GURME an initiative of LOMGroup convening monthly private people to exchange cooking experiences and dinner culture of regional tastes, has presented as nominee to the Federation of Food and Drink Associations of Turkey in Konya 2015 our innovation olive powder as candidate for Ateşbaz-ı Veli price. The product won it among 6 other categories for "best product in kitchen".

The price has been assigned by the government.

Download the product presentation olive powder

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