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LOMGroup will invest in solar and thermal energy over 1 billion € within next 5 years.

Energy Production
Solar Energy
Thermal Energy

Hydro power plants

Geo thermal power

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Solar power plant

Gas distribution

Gas & Energy Trading

LOMGroup’s energy production portefeuille comprises

  • 2 Solar 

  • 1 Thermal

  • 4  Hydro Energy Power Plants

  • Gas Distribution Companies

  • Natural Gas Storage & Energy Trading in Wholesale

LOMGroup is producing currently 243,5 MW of power in the energy sector. With the completion of solar and thermal power plants in construction, the production capacity will reach 773 MW by the end of 2022.

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Solar Energy Power Plant (SPP): 1 Power plant of 1 MW

Denizli Solar Energy Power Plant (SPP) 

LOMGroup has started its first solar energy project in Denizli, Akköy region, by establishing a testing system of capacity 500 kWh in 2014 as first. Ankara solar with 75 MV has been built in 2019. The solar energy production capacity will be enhanced to 375 MV in 2022 and 1100 kWh in 2023. 

Thermal Energy Power Plant (TPP): 1 Power Plant 500 MW

- a silent partnership -

The construction began, as a JV, in 2014. We will build and operate local lignite-fuelled Manisa Thermal Power Plant at an installed capacity of 510 MW. The Project covers the Thermal Power Plant, Ash Storage Area, Coal Preparation and Supplementary Stockyard, Coal Mines, Coal and Ash Conveyance Systems, Limestone Quarry and Kozluören dam, Asar Pond and Distribution Lines to be provided within the scope of the Water Supply Project. Supply of engineering services and technological equipment for the Thermal Plant will be realized by Harbin Electric International (HEI). Supervision service will be directly provided by HEI in construction and assembly stages to be realized by LOMGroup. HEI will also carry out commissioning and testing stages for all equipment and systems at the power plant following the completion of assembly works. As the main contractor, LOM Mining & Construction has assumed, in addition to construction and assembly of Manisa Thermal Power Plant, the establishment of the infrastructure of a mining operation in scope of which 23 million m3 excavation will be performed and 4.8 million tons of coal will be produced, and a lime quarry with an annual capacity of approximately 200 thousand tons will be operated, construction of coal and ash conveyance systems and coal stock and homogenization site, and construction of two ponds and one regulator along with their distribution lines with a total annual capacity of 9 hm3 for the supply of cooling water of the power plant. The main power system providing generation of energy at Manisa LOMGroup Thermal Power Plant will consist of 2 steam boilers, 2 steam turbines and a generator set. The gross total installed capacity of the power plant is planned to be 510 MW. Circulated Fluidized Bed Boiler-CFB technology is used at the power plant, and the boilers are designed by the Finland engineering office of Foster Wheeler Company, which is the most important developer and manufacturer of CFB steam boilers across the world, and have been manufactured at production facilities of Foster Wheeler in Europe and China. 2 steam turbines and 2 generators are used at the power plant, with their engineering and manufacturing performed in Germany by Siemens AG. The local lignite fuelled Manisa Thermal Power Plant will represent the highest level that could be achieved in technological terms and its first unit of 255 MW will be commissioned in November 2018 and the second unit (also 255 MV) in February 2019, and ın total 266 billion kWh electric energy will be generated per year. Read more here.

Hydro Power Plants (HPP): 4 power plants of 168 MW

- Silent partnerships -

Akköy I Dam (HPP)

Akköy I Dam and HPP project in Gümüşhane produces totally 320 Gwh/year energy by conveying the Harşit River after Kürtün Dam through a tunnel 12,430 m in length and using the provided head between two ends of the tunnel as well as height of the dam body.

For this purpose Akköy I Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) composed of 3 units each having a power production capacity of 34.5 MW and total installed capacity of 103.5 MW, it includes a roller compacted concrete Dam of 53 m high, an energy tunnel with a diameter of 6.00 m, and length of 12,430 m with nominal flow rate of 72 m3/s, a reinforced concrete surge chamber, a penstock pipe providing a head of 162 m and a hydroelectric power plant.


Akköy Dam (HPP) - a silent JV-

dams exist within the scope of Akköy II Project. Generation of power will be realized at Akköy Hydroelectric Power Plant. The Dam is located at 1,843 m crest and 1,792 m talweg elevation on a brook. Water from Dam is diverted to next Dam reservoir through a transmission tunnel having 4,000 m length and 3.22 m inner diameter. Furthermore, a hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity of 8 MW, utilizing 215 m head of water to be diverted to the dam reservoir from other Dam, has been constructed in addition to the power generation at Akköy HPP. The power generation of that power is 19.800.000 kWh.

The Dam is a rockfill dam at a height of 145 m, with a concrete face. Dam Reservoir is estimated as 9500 million m3 water holding capacity. This dam is linked to the reservoir via a tunnel at a length of 6ç675 m and an inner diameter of 4 m. ıDam is a concrete gravity dam at a crest elevation of 1,650 m and a thalweg elevation of 1,550 m and a height of 101 m. The dam has a water-holding capacity of 1860 million m3. Water is channelled from here to a surge tank via a tunnel at a length of 4,000 m and a diameter of 3.20 m, and from there to Akköy Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is the adjacent structure to Akköy I Hydroelectric Power Plant via a penstock at a length of 3,425 m and a diameter of 2.75 m. The penstock is a unique structure with a drop head of 1,225 m. The power plant operates with two turbines, and has been completed with two vertical axis synchronous generators.

Akköy has a production capacity of 870 million kWh energy.


Yaprak Dam (HPP)​ - a silent JV-

It is located downstream of Dam and HPP. The Stream reaches from the water inlet structure to the surge tank by free-flow through 2,650 m tunnel and 1,230 m long closed conduit, passing through turbines of Yaprak HPP at a power of 3x1,45 MW + 4,93 MW with 45 m head and converted to energy. The voltage of the energy generated is amplified to 154 kV on the switchyard serving the next HPP at a distance of 6,700 m to the power plant and is connected to Daren Energy Transmission Line.

Yaprak HPP generates 30,000,000 KWh energy per year. The Dam is commissioned.


Antalya I - Alanya Dim Dam (HPP) - a silent JV-

Dim HPP is located approximately 5 km north-east of Alanya town of the Antalya Province. The water comes to the power plant from the Dim Dam which is located at about 10 km north of the power plant, through a tunnel of 3.35 m. diameter. The Dim Dam and the tunnel were constructed by DSİ (State Water Works). The electrical energy generated at the power plant is transferred to the national grid at Alanya II Transformer Substation by means of an approximately 5 km long 34.5 kV transmission line.

Annual energy generation capacity of the dam is 61,23 GWh with installed capacity 38, 25 MW. As of the end of February-2017, the total electrical energy generated at the power plant is 64,500,000 kWh.


Antalya II - Dam I (HPP)​ - a silent JV-

The project includes building of a roller compacted concrete body dam at 1,380 m crest and 1.250 m talweg level, radial gate spillway, an energy tunnel at a length of 4,000 m and a diameter of 4 m, a surge tank at a height of 90 m and a diameter of 14.6 m, a 510 m horizontal and vertical penstock pipe and a power house.  The Dam and HPP generate 91.000.000 KWh energy per year.

Gas Distrib.
industrial gas distribution station
Oil and gas platform or Construction platform in the gulf or the sea, Production process
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Gas Distribution

- 2 Silent parnerships - A glance to the market

  • To Cities

  • To Large Entities (Harbours, Factories, Public Facilities)

  • To Rural Areas

ESGAZ A.S. has been carrying out natural gas distribution activities within urban area of Eskişehir since 2006. The company meets about 3% of the domestic natural gas consumption demand in Turkey. Having adopted the principle of providing maximum service with minimum resource without sacrificing quality, the company is among the most productive companies in the natural gas distribution sector. With its projects and investments performed with experienced managers and personnel, it helps extend the use of natural gas on the one hand and ensures life and property security of the subscribers by being sensitive about the use of safe gas on the other hand. Total trade volume of natural gas we distributed in Eskişehir was 702 million sm3 in 2016. 295 million sm3 of this amount were delivered to subscribers and 31 million sm3 free consumers; and the remaining 376 million sm3 was the amount which was only transported. In 2016, infrastructure investments were completed in the newly established settlements and in Çifteler, Mahmudiye, Kırka, Alpu and Beylikova districts which were newly included in the distribution region. Within this scope, installation of approximately 155.000 meters PE main line, 103.000 meters PE service line, 66.882 meters steel line, 7.750 service boxes and 15 region regulators were made. On the other side, again in the same year, the existing pressure regulation and measurement stations in Muttalip and Zincirlikuyu regions were wholly renewed and the installation of a new station in Alpu and Beylikova districts to supply gas in these regions. The cost of all these investments made in 2016 was approximately 70 million TL. In 2016, on the other side, 1.237 BBS new subscribers were registered in Çifteler district, 200 BBS in Mahmudiye district, 193 BBS in Kırka district and 20.766 BBS in urban area. As of the end of 2016, total number reached to 400.000 BBS subscribers. The supply of natural gas to Alpu and Beylikova districts was ensured and new subscriptions will be started in early 2017. In addition, the expropriation works for the new transmission line of approximately 40 km for Sivrihisar district were completed and the investments in Sivrihisar district will also be completed within 2018.


​Emerging from the silent partnership with another industry group, İZMİR NATURAL GAS A.S. company is ranked among the leader companies of the sector with its innovative service understanding in both technological and operational terms. Expanding its natural gas distribution by adding Kınık, Ödemiş and Bergama districts into its network composed of İzmir and Tire district, İZMİR NATURAL GAS ensured the comfort of natural gas for a large part of its customer potential in its license area via the network investments, 23 A Type Pressure Reduction and Measurement Station and 142 Region Regulator. As of today, the company continues to provide uninterrupted and safe natural gas distribution service to its 756.947 BBS subscribers with an annual gas volume of 2,5 billion m3 via 4.640 km network. 

İZMİR NATURAL GAS has registered its quality-oriented approach with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate; its respect to environment with ISO 14001 Environment Certificate; its sensitivity to staff and 3rd parties with OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate since its first day of operation. In addition to these, it has incorporated ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System with an approach suggesting that a proper and quality service becomes meaningful with customer satisfaction and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems to ensure the security of the information of all customers serviced. It has established an integrated system by gathering all of these management systems under a single roof. Opening Halkapınar Customer Services Centre in 2012, the Company enabled the management of customer demands by providing prompt and efficient solutions to all customers from single centre.

İZMİR NATURAL GAS, ranking among the leaders of the sector via the importance attached to the safety of its customers, has developed a new system in order to make 187 Emergency Response Teams reach the area of notice as soon as possible. With the new system named “Field Management System”, our quality and safe service understanding has been registered by enabling real-time monitoring and supervision of the team vehicles. 

Izmir, second most intensely industrialized region of Turkey, is also ranked on the 2nd level in terms of export-import coverage ratio. In the cities where the industry and exportation are developed, the widespread use of natural gas is inevitable. Therefore, our Company will always remain on the first ranks in Turkey in terms of natural gas transfer potential. 

Natural Gas Logistics and Energy Trading

- 2 Silent parnerships -

Gas logistics inclucively storage of gas and energy trading.

Natural Gas Storage, Natural Gas Conveyance, Natural Gas Transportation, Energie Supply to Wholseller


Terminal with Floating LNG Storage and Gasification Ship, which is continuously connected to the terminal so as to be a part of it, and all systems equipped within the scope of terminal taken into operation as a facility with a natural gas feeding capacity of nominal 14 million cubic meter per day helps immensely to the country's natural gas network. 

The company - as a JV- carries out the day ahead and day end transactions, even more over-the-counter natural gas transactions together with the other suppliers of the natural gas wholesale market, performs the natural gas trade actively and its trade volume in the market increases day by day. Following diversification of the natural gas supply, transparency of the commerce centre and balancing market mechanisms; it will continue the national and international works to apply the suitable strategies to the management of price risks, its own cost structure and the requirements of the customers.

Marketing and Sales: In the organization of dealership starting with Ankara, the number of business partners has reached in-between about a hundred. The dealership demands of the entrepreneurs which are well known in their regions, maintain a business close to our sector and provide consulting and advisory services are still evaluated. Dealership granting is still going on. Including the distinguished brands of Turkey into its portfolio as subscriber, The company has corporate consumers, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME), retail customers and public enterprises. Gaining over 100% growth in 2014 and 2015, The company had an electricity sales volume of 1 billion and 500 million kWh in 2017.

Natural Gas Import and Export Industry and Trade unit of LOMGroup stepped in the natural gas market with the Natural Gas Wholesale in 2010 and converted the wholesale license into the import license (SPOT LNG) in 2011. The Company has been still making gas supply in İzmir and Eskişehir Distribution Regions in changing rates since 2010, and started to supply natural gas to the customers on free consumer status through its pipelines as of 2016. Thus, Naturgas made natural gas trade of ca. 500 million m3 by increasing its market share to 1,2% in 2017.

The company carries out the day ahead and day end transactions, even more over-the-counter natural gas transactions together with the other suppliers of the natural gas wholesale market, performs the natural gas trade actively and its trade volume in the market increases day by day.

Natural Gas Distribution

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