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We think having even a bad idea is better than having non 
Brain Storming

Brain Storming

For us the valid tool for selecting practical ideas is coming togather and brain stroming . This platform allows employees to directly submit their suggestions. A network of topic managers and experts handle the evaluation and implementation of ideas. The ideas are also transparently evaluated . The best ideas are honored with financial rewards by a jury on an annual basis.

We deliberately gave the term "idea" a very broad definition, so that we have three types of idea:

new business way_edited.png

New business field

Idea for improvement

Idea for a product

New business idea

A suggestion as to how, building on its existing strengths, LOMGroup can open up new, innovative areas of business, saväng environment, not destructing it as industry did and still does, unfortunately.

Suggestion for improvement

A suggestion as to how an existing, operations-related situation can be improved to the benefit of our clients, the company and the employees.​​

Best reality idea

A proposal for improvement, inventing or repla- cement of a product or service. The proposal can corrospond the related product in whole or partialy so far the product or service is already in usage. The idea can be initial or ready for implementation developed. Best reality ideas are disseminated  by being posted in the Suggetion Room (and, where appropriate, through other implementation measures). This is very important for our company because, owing to our project business, employees are highly decentralized.

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