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Ship newbuilding

Ship newbuilding

Ship repair

Ship repair

Dockyard gas trading

Dockyard gas trading

Ship maintenance

Ship maintenance

FRSU equipment

FRSU equipment

Ballast water treatment

Ballast water treatment

Moon at dockyard

Moon at dockyard

The Gateway to the World


- Silent Partnership -

The Shipyard, active in Ship Repair and Maintenance, Conversion and Newbuilding, continuously strives for leadership in Marine Business beyond its region.

To achieve this, company invests in the development of its human resources, makes capital outlay on cutting edge technology for the design and construction of highly sophisticated projects as well as spearheads in research and development.

The shipyard’s commitment for quality and costumer’s satisfaction has brought about long term cooperation with various clients from different parts of globe.

Shipyard has been built on 145.000 sqm, Shipyard comprises a range of splendid facilities including a full service on-site Design Office and well-equipped with highest technology Indoor Halls and Workshops, also experienced and dynamic engineers staff, skilled and qualified subcontractors portfolio to occupy for new ship building, ship repair, docking and conversion.

Shipyard designs and constructs any type of vessels in its range of capability and may give complete design package from conceptual design to detail design, 3D modelling and class drawings and documents. Several of turn-key new building steel / aluminium vessels from cargo ships to tug boats, from open sea service vessels to ferries have been built. Our shipyard is the shipyard of the “most” and the “first” in Turkey, with successful turnkey deliveries from the date of foundation; provided its customer the best design service, the most realistic planning, the highest quality, the most successful and satisfying delivery and securest guarantee engineering. Also earned the customer trust with the highest standards. Shipyard is also having the biggest Dry Dock in the region and docking up to Big Panamax size vessels. All main services and works are performed the Dock is also extremely competitive in terms of pricing, Quality and delivery.

Our Shipyard offers and will offer;

Advanced Design, High Technology, Perfect Quality, Reassuring Partnership.


Exceeding the expectation!

With a total production area of 140,000 m2 Shipyard is one of the BIGGEST yard located in the region. The unique facilities, extensive docks and gravy dock supported by our engineering capabilities offer our clients "one-stop" Comprehensive Service, whether it concerns normal dry dockings for scheduled maintenance, damage repair or extensive refit and conversion jobs.

The biggest Graving dock served by a tower crane with 3,3 ton lifting capacity at 62 meters outreach; with two additional Jib Cranes of 45 ton on both sides. Unique design floating gates allows ballasting/de-ballasting within 8 hours. We are the fasted when the subject is Hull Treatment works. With compressors we are able to give 50 nozzle’s for grit blasting works.

Graving dock

Up to Post panamax size vessel capacity.


2 vessels.


8 ships capacity – Avarage depth is 7 meters.


Ship Repair and Maintenance​

SHIPYARD Dry Dock has specially designed with a floating gate that allows ballasting within 3 hours. De-ballasting is also performed within hours by five pieces of e-pumps each of 6.000cbm/h capacity.

Up to 50 nozzles grit blasting using 1x 160 kW, 3x250 kW, 1x315 kW compressors and 2.500 bar high pressure water jet is available for repair jobs.

The mainstay of business for the new dry dock, the second largest in Turkey, will come from owners and operators of big panamax size vessels. It is anticipated that at the commencement the yard shall repair around 100 vessels per year.



SHIPYARD is well-equipped with the high-quality facilities and dry dock to serve our clients full range of service in Ship Repair and Conversion Business.

We can offer competitive price, in-house design engineering and high quality workmanship for our clients to all kinds of conversion projects with our experienced project leaders and highly skilled design engineers.



SHIPYARD’s success story begins with the delivery of General Cargo Vessel series 13k DWT, 16.5k DWT and 26k DWT. Moreover, four Car & Passenger Ferries, each of them with a capacity of 80 vehicles 400/600 passengers, followed these.

A significant milestone achieved by producing a complete design package of the Ferries; from concept design to 3D modelling, workshop drawings, nested parts and Class approval documents; all by the Shipyard’s Design Office.

Ballast Water Treatment

First Ballast Water Treatment Retrofit System in Turkey has been built and services the sector with Ballast Water Treatment Capacity 500 cbm/hour. Read more below

Ship new-building

Our Shipyard, is able  to build every cargo type and passenger ships with Dry Dock 240 x42 x 9 m, big Panamax size vessels including. Features of Dockyard: Quay depth 7 m, capacity 8 ships, length 600 m on total area of 140.000 m2 and slipaway 160x60m for 2 vessels. 

Turn Key Deliveries

General Cargo Vessel up to 26 kDWT

Car & Passanger Ferries up to 200 cars & 600 passanger carriers

Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel

Search and Rescue Boats

Anchor Handling Tugs

Fishfarming Barges

Live Fish Carriers

Shipplaunching LOMGroup

Shipplaunching LOMGroup

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Ship repair and maintenance

Shipyard repaired per June since its foundation 32 ships and performed for many ships maintenance services.
Dry Dock has specially designed a floating gate that allows ballasting within 3 hours. De-ballasting is also performed within 3 hours by five e-pumps, each of 6.000 cbm/h capacity. See below some references from repaired ships.

ship repair 2.JPG