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Reporting Policy


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Reporting Policy

Please refer to our full Disclosure and Reporting Policy downloadable here.


Unless otherwise stated, LOMGroup Corporate Responsibility Reports cover corporate responsibility performances of all LOMGroup companies, including subsidiaries with sharesholding 50% or above. The scope of the reports published regularly every year since 2009 and covers the calendar year. The Group's annual reports, financial statements are not shared publicly. However - showing a well-founded reason to obtain a copy, can recieve every body a copy. For that please write to:

Corporate Responsibility Reports (CRR)

LOMGroup signed the UN Global Compact and committed to take joint initiatives within the scope of its ten fundamental principles including human and labor rights, environment and anti-corruption.

By issuing its first corporate responsibility report in  2010, LOMGroup has fulfilled its obligation as a UN Global Compact signatory and had the opportunity to share its progress about 10 principles with its shareholders.

Reporting its corporate social responsibility performance in line with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) G3.1 framework since 2010, LOMGroup raised the application level from C to B in 2012. LOMGroup 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report includes United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress Index as well as the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard Index for the first time

Financial Statement (FS) Reporting

Since LOMGroup is by nature a family office and administred under no legal obligation to publicize its financial data, LOMGroup's surrender of that is discretionery only.

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