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Port management
Port Management

2 ports with huge volumes


Dardanelle Port

The construction of the superstructure of Dardanelle Port, has been completed 2 decades ago.


Within the scope of ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) and the Coastal Facility Operation Permit, the following ships can dock at Dardanelle Port:

• Ferry, High-Speed Passenger Ship, Cruise Ship          

• General Cargo Ship 

• Bulk Freighter 

• Petrol / Product Tanker 

• Chemical Tanker 

• Ro-Ro Ship 

• Container Ship 

• LPG ships to supply ammoniac (NH3) in order to cool down the cargo tanks on condition that they are gas-free.

• With its location and service variety, the Port enabling the handling of export, import and domestic coast-wise loads at suitable prices, provides service to almost all kind of ships from fuel tankers to general cargo ships, RO-RO ships to cruise ships.


The port is directly connected to ring roads through “special port road” of 2 km. Having open storage of 30.000 m2 and horizontal warehouse of 3.000 m2 with two sections, the port provides handling, terminal and warehouse services for general and bulk loads under export and import regimes and the internal coast-trade. Furthermore, port dock of 214 m long and minimum 8,5 m and maximum 28 m deep is available for Panamax ships (ships with a capacity of between 60 and 80 thousands). Moreover, the port which is like “Sea Border of Çanakkale” contributes to the regional tourism with the services it offers to the cruise ships. In addition to the port activities, Dardanelle Port has the biggest waste receiving facility of Turkey which collects the wastes generated by the ships passing through the Çanakkale Strait and stopping by the ports. The mentioned facility is ranked among the special facilities in Europe in terms of both technology and size and the port is also a member of the European Waste Facilities Union “Euroshore”. Within this scope, 250 thousand m3 waste were collected from 1.000 ships serviced at the port in 2015. In the port with a bulk/general load capacity of 1 million ton per year and with a handling capacity of 100 thousand TEU containers, 187 thousand tons of bulk and general load was handled in 2015. In addition, 21.227 passengers came to the port with 76 cruise ships stooping by the port. Within the scope of the services provided to both cargo and passenger ships, the longest passenger ship hosted by the port is 294 m in length and the largest cargo ship is 278 m in length. Within the investments made, the construction of 4 storage tanks with a total capacity of 2.100 m3 was completed in order to increase the ship waste collecting activities, and a new waste reception ship with a capacity of 4 thousand tons was imported. Thus, the total capacity of the waste reception ship fleet increased to 10.561, 80 deadweight tons. In addition to the mentioned services, Dardanelle Port Management started ship operation activities in the last quarter of 2015 with three dry cargo ships. In 2016 works were executed for transit fuel delivery as bunker fuel to the ships stopping by the port and passing through Dardanelle Strait, and a pipeline was installed on the port. 


Izmir Distric Port

Pier alteration and repair were completed in 2000, and after its width is 20 meter, where the length is 135 meter,


The Port was founded for the execution of following services; accommodation, loading- unloading, terminal services, pilotage, towage, water supply to vessels, waste reception, passenger hall management, security service within the scope of ISPS and indoor storage out of the port area. For enabling rearranged passenger hall, customs directorate, customs enforcement directorate, coast health organization and maritime police transactions to be executed faster and in a short time; service is provided in administrative buildings where offices equipped with special computer in which agencies may work. At the port, dry waste collection from the ships and water services are also provided. At this port, which was equipped with state-of-art technology and aiming to supply the service quality complying with applicable standards, bulk cargo as well as cargo with package and pallet are provided with services. Enterprise was enhanced to 31.400 m2 in indoor depot and storehouse and to 22.500 m2 in open storehouses which are 4 km. away from the port area for importers and exporters as a result of relevant investments. Stockpiling and packaging services in depots are provided by the Port Authority. Load types loaded and unloaded at the port consist gold mine, sunflower, wheat, bentonite, dolomite, fertilizer, canola seed, clay, coal, marble, nitrate, pearlite, magnesite, ceramic, stone/quarts and flour. Company takes its power from its investor aspect and powerful group structure. It has gained a good place in the sector due to ground and logistic support provided. Due to the works accomplished, herbal food import and export licenses have been received. Following these permissions, water deepness of the port was and due to marketing activities achieved; fertilizer, sunflower canola seed, flax seed and etc. products were initiated to be imported and exported from/ to the port successfully. 
The Port can handle all type of bulk and general cargoes with its cranes, graps and wheel loaders. Perlite, natural stones, bentonite, copper, fertilizers, all type of grains, liquid vegetative oil .
The port can stock all type of bulk and packed cargoes in its own warehouses. Total warehouse capacity is approximately 36.000 m2. Packing facilities are also avaible in warehouses. The port has enough equipments and vehicles for the best stocking.

Marina Management
Marina management
Teos Night.JPG

Port of District

started its activities in June 2010 in Izmir and it was established over an area of 60.000 and 80.000 m2 over the ground and sea respectively.  The Marina ranks among 5-anchor marinas of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


The marina has a capacity of 500 boats on sea, 32 in the channel dock and 85 in the boat yard. The Marina provide a total indoor area of almost 9.300 m2 containing 42 commercial units providing concept services to its lease-holders, 55 yachting storages and 7 technical workshops. The marina holds 5 Gold Anchors awarded by TYHA (The Yacht Harbour Association), 5 Blue Stars awarded by IMCI (International Marina Certification Institute), 5 Anchors awarded by Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications and Blue Flag Award. As a natural harbour shelter, the marina is especially preferred by boat owners. There are numerous bays around on a distance of 10 miles by boats, which are available for accommodation, daily trip and swimming, and its proximity to beaches and mineral springs is among its advantages. Also, the beaches, authentic bazaars established at weekends inside the Castle and the Marina shopping centre find favour from the visitors all over Aegean Region. With the ferry runs in summer months, the transportation from Marina to Samos takes 2 hours. Launched in May 2012, The Marina Spa & Beauty health centre & spa and Marina have become an attractive resort. The environment-friendly system enabling the circulation of the standing water inside the marina is used in the Marina for the first time as connected to the wind turbine. The general services provided in the marina are as follows: 24 hours non-stop water supply, electricity, sanitary units (WC, shower, washbasin) sanitary units for handicapped persons, laundry unit, free satellite TV connection, internet (Wi-Fi), depot renting service, indoor parking lots, electric car for transportation inside marina, car park for 207 vehicles and 2 heliports. In the Marina, sensor-fitted hardware ensuring energy electric and water saving with an ecological approach, separate waste bins to organic and inorganic wastes and environment-friendly products are used. Sail training programs aiming to make children love sea and maritime in cooperation withYacht sail Club. It is also child-friendly marina with its 2 playgrounds. Picture gallery and workshop field open for 7 days inside Culture & Art Centre within its body registers the importance attached to art and artists. As of the end of 2016, there are totally 380 boats. 700 sailboats and 445 motor yachts were rendered service within the year. At the end of 2017, the marina had an occupancy rate of 75% on the sea and 20% on the ground. The Marina become an outstanding marina in the sector by gathering boat owners setting their hearts on sea and sailing via its activities and social responsibility projects, sailing races and tour activities. Sailing trainings for 10 hours are also provided free of charge to the customers among the new boat owners. The Marina has aimed to offer quality service with suitable prices to its customers since its establishment; achieved international standards in service quality and reglistered that with 5 Gold Anchors awarded by TYHA, 5 Blue Stars awarded by IMCI, Blue Flag Award and 5 Anchors awarded by Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Marina aims to bring its occupancy rate over 95%.

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