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The most important quality sought in candidates for recruitment into the LOMGroup of companies is personality features that are in line with the values of the LOMGroup, as well as the education, technical expertise and competencies the job requires.

Loyalty to the organization and colleagues, working creatively in a high tempo work environment as well as the ability to generate innovative ideas are among the priority criteria evaluated during recruitment.

Human resources are mainly met by evaluating applications submitted through the corporate web pages or over the candidate data base addresses or, depending on the requirements of the position through career consulting firms.

During recruitment appraisal the following are used depending on the requirements of the position;

  • Verbal or quantitative aptitude tests

  • English language tests

  • Evaluation Center implementations such as role playing, case studies and group discussions

  • Personality inventories and

  • Competency based interviews


Qualities sought for recruitment 

  • Minimum Level of Education : Varies according to the job position. University graduates are mostly preferred.

  • Preferred Educational Institutions: All local and overseas universities are considered for evaluation.

  • Foreign Language : Knowledge of English

  • Experience: Experience varies according to the requirements of the job. In addition to recruitment of experienced personnel, inexperienced personnel are also recruited. Candidates who are in particular assessed as interns can be included as staff through a job offer upon graduation if their performance as interns is satisfactory and in the event of a vacancy.

  • Social Qualities : Candidates who are thought to conform to the LOMGroup corporate culture and employee profile are preferred.

  • Other: It is important that the candidates have not committed any disgraceful offence in their previous work or educational past. A criminal record investigation is undertaken to this end.

  • Military Service Issues: Depending on the strategic importance of the position, decisions taken by the company management regarding this issue are implemented. Although, in general, candidates who have completed their compulsory military service or , depending on the position, those who have had their military service deferred for at least 2 years are preferred.


All candidates are treated fairly and objectively in the LOMGroup. Candidates are informed on a timely manner and the contents of interviews remain confidential.

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