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Remuneration System and its  Benefits 

The remuneration system for the LOMGroup employees is intended to provide an incentive for successful corporate management with an emphasis on sustainability.

Salary level adjustments in the LOMGroup of companies are determined by taking into consideration intra organisational equilibrium and market conditions based on fair and consistent systems laid down for each sector and business groups.

Employees demonstrating outstanding performance are rewarded in proportion with their contributions. In determining the wages of the newly recruits in the LOMGroup the responsibilities of the task in hand as well as the individual's education, expertise and competencies are mainly taken as a basis.

In addition to salary payments to LOMGroup employees based on their wages, the following benefits are provided:

  • Private health insurance and/or Life Insurance

  • Transportation

  • Lunch

Moreover, in business premises where there is appropriate space, fitness centres and hairdresser services are also provided. LOMGroup is abiding by the ILO Convention No. 100 Equal Remuneration Convention from 1951.

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