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Don't say me anything about what you all did yet, just show me your footprints in the stone.

Süleyman I, our founder and ethernal leader

Our heritage - Our roots

History: Welcome

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Our roots - Our heritage

LOMGroup has been founded in 1890 initially as a mining company in collaboration with Her Majesty’s Honourable East India Company (HEIC) to survey and explore antimony quarries in Turkey.

Our 1890s

Antimony pit work at Muratli Mountain

Our founder Süleyman I (second from left) with officials of Osman Empire and regional mayor, and his child. When exactly the picture has been taken is unknown.

Our Founding Father Süleyman I, met in 1880 at East India Club (EIC) in London Lord Randolph Churchill  who was to time a notable leading member of the EIC - which was founded for the officers of the Honorable East India Company (HEIC) in 1849. (East India Club still exists today as a private gentlemen's club with its clubhouse situated at 16 St. James's Square, London.) That acquaintance -by a most chance encounter- was the reason to give birth to our company. At this meeting, The Lord, on behalf of the club,  asked Süleyman I whether he can sweep Anatolia for Antimony. The EIC and the company of our Founding Father (then known as Iron Mining Company) have had set up, after intensive correspondence and visit paid to each other, a joint venture in Turkey. After 7 years the explorations for antimony they finally have proved that Kütahya district’s Muratlı Mountain region, in West-Turkey, is rich with antimony. LOMGroup, still owns that site respectively in Muratlı region.


LOMGroup did transform immensely in its long life over the last century. Inter alia, surviving The Great War, outliving two major empires - the British Empire and Ottoman Empire -, just to name some of the major impacts. Founding a place and opportunity to carry on working in the new Republic of Turkey despite several coup d’états happened - was not easy for LOMGroup. 


LOMGroup had have many times in its long history to enjoy the glow of fame and success; such as becoming eligible a member of the Berlin-Baghdad Railway Construction Council by providing chrome to the project, or obtaining the environmental award of European Union in 2007 for its resource and energy saving invention of HDPC concrete products DurBETON® and MasBETON®. But LOMGroup has seen also less bright phases; such as supplying by governmental decree chrome to Nazi Regime in Germany from 1939 until 1944 - what finally may have contributed by its share to the elongation of ineffable pain done by Hitler's Wehrmacht and henchmen to millions of people.


LOMGroup's journey was marked with first major economic diversification in 1938 by building the biggest city hospital in Ankara and with it stepping in on the construction business first time with a remarkable project. Then 1977 was the year of relocation its corporate entity from Malatya, Hekimhan to Ankara to administer its businesses centrally.

The company has expanded and generated great cash reserves from its mining and construction activities between 1960 and 1980, in the so-called "prosperity time" of Turkey. Those reserves have been invested in other successful companies active in several sectors and countries. LOMGroup then has been reorganized in 2009 into a Holding and obtaining the structured character of a family office by renaming its moniker to "LOMGroup", remaining all the time in hands of the founding family which is faithful to the legacy of the founding father.

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