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LOM Ltd.

(aka `LOM Construction')

LOM Construction is the promoter of the major operating LOMGroup companies and holds significant administrating influence in these companies. LOM companies are commonly referred to as the LOMGroup and the Chairman of LOM Construction as Chairman of the LOMGroup.

100 percent of the equity capital of LOM Construction is held by the founder family and the profit of the company ıs exclusively dedicated to the philanthropic duties caregiven by members of the founder family. 

The re-organization of the Group in 2009 made the formation of the LOM Construction imperative.


Areas of business

The company's principal activities are:

  • To hold investments in operating companies and support their growth

  • To promote new enterprises

  • To follow its own (mainly) Construction and Mining businesses (inter alia)


LOM Construction is the owner of the LOM name and all LOM trademarks, registered in several countries around the world. These are used by various LOMGroup companies under a license from LOM Construction as part of their corporate name and/or in relation to their products and services. The terms of use of the group mark and logo by LOMGroup companies are governed by the Brand Equity and Business Promotion Agreement entered into between LOM Construction and LOMGroup companies.

LOMGroup Business Excellence Division, a body of LOM Construction, assists all companies in their business excellence initiatives through the LOMGroup Business Excellence Model, Management of Business Ethics and LOMGroup Code of Conduct. LOMGroup companies are supported in their efforts to achieve world-class standards in all aspects of operations through group-level processes and systems that encourage and enable business excellence as contemplated under the LOMGroup Brand Equity and Business Promotion Agreement.

LOM Construction has up to 450 employees (depending on the seasonal coming of orders).


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