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Performance Development

​The most important goal of the performance management systems used in the LOMGroup of companies is to enable our employees to develop and exploit their potentials at the highest level.

To this end, the data obtained as a result of performance appraisal are used in the implementation of Training and Development, Career Management and Wage Management systems.

In performance management, goals on the basis of sectors and companies conforming to the basic strategies of the LOMGroup are set. For the measurement of work performance along these goals, employees and managers reach mutual agreement on business objectives. The competencies necessary for realising these objectives are determined and managers provide feedback on these issues.

During the performance evaluation process, individuals' compliance with the values of the LOMGroup and their work performance are considered.

LOMGroup employees are expected to have a responsibility over their own performance, development and careers. From this viewpoint, employees' having the enthusiasm to constantly learn, their supporting the development of their subordinates and team mates and their rapid adaptation to the speed of change in the sectors are the most important performance indicators.

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