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Concrete Production

LOMGroup is producing two types of concrete:

One ıs UHPC type MASBETON® and DURBETON®, the other is Prefab Concrete.

Our latest innovation highlight: MasRAIN@

Intelligent concrete? See  a sample video how our latest innovation serve to our streets and cities. It is MasRAIN,  our  latest  development. More soon here.


Read here more about our en vouge innovation.

MasRain Concrete



in every color, bendable, as thin as 0,5 mm, durability up to 10 times more than of classic concrete, in steel hardness, flame retardant, tranclucent, painted and much more features you never would expect from concrete.

MasBETON® and DurBETON:® differ by quantity, intensity and mixture of admixtures used in the production in respect of application purpose.

> developed with local raw materials
> perfect workability
> from clay-like to self compacting
> customized compressive strength
> customized flexural strength
> customized porosity
> cost-effective

> energy saving
> sustainable

> self-healing 

Product Presentation

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Serial Concrete


If you desire DurBETON® and MasBETON® be bendable, they become bendable. Also they can be colored, very thin, transelucent or permeable. Up to your need, if you desire walls 10 cm thick only but with the same noise reduction proofness of a wall 70 cm thick, or demand colored or painted coatings on your house façade instead of clasic panels, or want to construct a bridge or building overlasting centruies.. nearly what ever you concept, we realize it, by our UHPC concrete MasBETON® and DurBETON®.   

UHPC concrete serial production

Since our DurBETON® and MasBETON® reached the stage for serial production, we  currently are enlarging our factory to produce them serial.

How  we do it see in our video above.



Watch Now

Prefabricated concrete

factory with  Concrete mixing transport trucks in front of it_edited.jpg

All kinds of standard and custom concrete or reinforced concrete construction components including façade panels, stairs, retaining wall, etc., are manufactured at the Prefabrication Plant.

The facility operating on a total of 54.000 square meters of open and 8.700 square meters of closed space provides services to domestic and international customers.

The prefabrication plant currently holds the following quality certifications: ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Samples from our DurETON@ and MasBETON@ applications

UHPC Samples
MasBeton P4114
DurBeton P4118
DurBeton P181490/2
MasBeton P37466
MasBeton P4165
DurBeton P4122
MasBeton P34039
DurBeton P119071
MasBeton P232359
MasBeton P340554
MasBeton P293362
MasBeton P100865
MasBeton P186156
DurBeton P213491
MasBeton P205726
DurBeton P386822
MasBeton P271946
MasBeton P243947
MasBeton PD21217
MasBeton P71232
MasBeton P181490/3
MasBeton P5546
MasBeton P310974
MasBeton P262852
MasBeton P43099
MasBeton P181490

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